Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goodbye PGC, PYP, AMP.

Thanx guys for the Saturday cave excursion. (AMP)
Thanx guys for the Saturday farewell late lunch. (AMP)
Thanx guys for the Saturday farewell steamboat dinner. (AMP)

Thanx to my true brothers, who chat with my dad on Sunday morning. (PGC)
(You know who you are)
Thanx to all His little sheeps for the Sunday farewell lunch @ Gobi. (PYP)
Thanx to a brother and sisters, for your company at the cinema. (PYP)
Thanx for having dinner with me, both of you. (PYP)

The signs were clear for me to move on.
My particulars are not found in the directory (red booklet handed out during family camp).
I no longer can log into the church website (with my log in n password).

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Ethical Hacking