Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Am I really facing midlife crisis?

I don't agree with others who are trying to bombard me with the kinda thinking and mentality they own especially my dad who brags about himself of being a dad at the age of 21. But I am not happy with myself either with the current issues that are loitering in my mind and my life, and I can't always keep a positive attitude coz somehow the devil will try its way to sneak in and place some depressions. I'm just wondering if there is someone out there who I can really trust and rely in times like this, and true enough, not 1 single dog can stay by my side when I'm in deep dog shit. No, not even 1/2.

Perhaps this is what I call 'human with animal instincts'. The words in Proverbs are so true when it says you will have friends around you when you're well to do. And those who stick around you even when life is tough are the true ones you cherish in life. Not even your closest relatives deserves that kinda recognition. No, not even 1/2.

But the more I seek for someone who is out there, the more i realise that the person was all the while inside of me. How can I be so forgetful and ignorant of His presence when He is more than all the rest of 'them'. I'm referring to the 3rd person of the Triune God that I know; God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is found in each true believers.

After reading about Joseph's story all over again, I must keep reminding myself that this is just for temporary time being until the full restoration is installed. Joseph had to be sold by his blood brothers to a foreign land because of jealousy and envy, and he was also framed by his employer's(Potiphar) wife that he committed adultery with her. After doing a favor for one of Pharoah's official he was forgotten for his kindness and remain in prison for the next 2 years. But little did he know that all this had to come to pass before God restored him to what was promised in a dream, and ultimately become the prime minister of Egypt.

So, who cares what people say about me? As long as my conscience is clear before God and men, I am not living a life of hypocrisy nor aimlessly. The day of restoration has begun and it will be fulfilled by the grace of God and for the glory of the Almigthy One.

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