Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wow. it's been a while since my last time posting for this blog. I've deleted some of my postings coz i found them not relevant anymore and probably I was too depressed over some stuffs. But I thank God for deliverance. He got me out of the black pit and there was no way I can get out without grace. Again Jesus....my Saviour...oH Glory always to Jesus....I must always remind myself that I am Greatly Blessed, Highly Favoured, Deeply Loved.

Just recently I went to visit my brother in Singapore with my dad, my stepmom and my 5 month old stepsister. It was quite a hurry for us to be travelling in only 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. So i make it a point not to miss Sunday Worship since I'm now back in the circle of grace. And since I'm in Singapore, I'd better take the opportunity to visit New Creation Church and find out for myself what it was like to be there in person. I only know of NCC through Joseph Prince's preaching, and their website and the youtube messages. Listening and watching alone have already stirred my spirit, what more to experience for myself Live!

I must confess that I was not expecting to see Pastor Prince coz he's always busy for God. From what I heard through a Chritian brother, it was quite hard to get a seat in the morning and the last time he visited he had to queue from 5 am in the morning just to get a pass to enter. And he didn't get to see Pastor Prince in person. But when I got there, things seem to work totally opposite for me. I waited for bus 70 and it turn out that effective from 23rd August the bus would skip the stand where I was waiting so I took a cab. I told the cab driver Suntec City Tower 3 which I was only guessing the no 3 Temasek stands for tower 3 i think. When I got there, I saw carrefour which I remembered it was stated in the website that it's on level 3. So I got up and there were not many people there, and the time was around 815. So I approached an usher, Mimi and she kindly registered me with the form and the rest was taken over by Joanne. The only tiny hiccup was that the security officers needed to search my backpack after the recent happening in Jakarta. Other than that, it went fine all the way.

I was lead to my seat for newcomers almost in the middle row and far left column near the exit which is in front of the lounge. Not long after i sat for a while, 3 more came towards the row which I sat and I made a new friend. Ronnie is a local and we went to the cafe downstairs to grab a drink. We talked as if we knew each other before and we shared a lot about our walk of Christianity. To our surprise he just visited KL recently and he was at USJ which I told him that I'm attending Full Gospel Tabernacle in the same area. As I claimed that there were nothing call coincidence, we discovered that we are peers.

As people started to flood the Rock Auditorium, worship started thunderously with musicians playing skillfully and singers singing like artist. I would say it felt like Hillsong and as if Jesus was decending to us. The presence of the Holy One was felt as we worshiped in spirit and in truth and in tongues like the day of the Pentecost when the Holy Spirit decended upon the 1st generation Christian after Christ ascension. The climax was 'Let all that is within me, bless your Holy name' and that was the moment tears broke out from within grieving for deliverance from captivity. After a while I realise I was singing in tongues and the peace in me increases to the level of overflowing and I stopped crying after that. I never felt this when I used to sing it in my former church. It was really an unforgetable worship moment.

I was so surprised to see Pastor Prince on stage when they announced their senior pastor. The only time I got to see him was through Youtube. Even then I was already energized after hearing the way he thought and expound the Word of God. Seeing him in person really ignited the flame in my heart of wanting to hear from God even more. The entire duration of the message really nourished my soul and set my heart on fire again for the Lord. I want to thank God for everyone in NCC and Pastor Joseph Prince for the strong encouragement.

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