Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday etc etc etc

Good day to 1 & all. This is the officiating post for the birth of my 2nd blog. Well, the bio-activity happened during the housekeeping of my BL@CK blog which is suppose to be a gospel blogging project. I realised there was a need to put everything in place & order, organized a bit so here it is. etc etc etc; everything else about blackbeeri.

etc etc etc was on the sidebar of BL@CK, but recently there was so much to share and a sudden burst of ideas which are flowing from 'dunno' where.. and this is another avenue that I can share my experiences with my new Nokia N85 and a little touch of secularism. Not meant to boast, but to exhibit the other facades of my life which consist of my human nature. BTW, Christ was God in human form too so I should not hide what is factual and real to the eye.

As expected, I've not been getting enough criticism from my BL@CK blog so i hope the comments flood in from generous readers and critics, yes? Be my guest and be free, to do whatever within your freewill.

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Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking