Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Many say life starts at 30. I agree, as I look back at the years spent in youth was to lay the foundations for what lies ahead. If the foundations were flimsy and not rooted on unshakeable grounds, the chances are that my future would be gloomy. But praise be to God, my foundation is nothing else but Christ, the Rock of all ages. Even if those years in youth were spent in pleasure and odd jobs and much exploration, I believe they're but parts of the bigger picture and ingredients for God's plan in my life.

Looking back to evaluate how I spent my life without Christ were also part of God's plan. If I did not walk that path, I would not have known much about the dark side and the way the prince of this world operates in the spiritual realm. Thanks be to God, by grace through faith Christ made known Himself to me, I am able to discern now. There was no one who can save me, not myself, not my intelligence, not my qualifications, no not even the wealth of the world, but only someone so big that is in control of every situation, someone who is able to rebuke the storm, someone who is tempted in every way yet was without sin, someone who did not despise the adulterous women, someone who welcomed a convict into paradise. That someone is not just anyone. He is really someone. My Jesus, who keeps saving me even now and until the day I die.

To acknowledge a Supreme Being above me, life is more simple and less complicated. When I believe someone created me, I fell more secure when I know I can rely on someone who knows me better than myself, who knows the universe at His fingertips. The best part is, when I pray to Him, he answers my prayer. That marks the difference between religion and a relationship with God. Many wonder how can man have a relationship with God? People just can't comprehend the simplicity of Jesus dying on the cross to reconnect man with God. This is true because as I read a part of the Bible that says something like this: The prince of this world (aka Satan) has blinded them from this truth.

Many of my peers are starting to have their own family, some have successful story to tell, some have businesses that can last for a few generations, some have been to most part of the world and many more. When I look at myself, there was nothing much. Not much achievements, not much gains. But thankfully, I have a certain bright future ahead of me. Heaven. No eyes have seen, no ears have heard. I heard that heaven is far beyond the best things this world has to offer. Multibillionaire? mulitply by infinity, that's heaven. Driving a Ferrari? multiply by infinity, that's heaven. Holiday in Mauritius? multiply by infinity, that's heaven. The joy of having a baby? multiply by infinity, that's heaven.

I heard that Heaven is so true that God would grieve so badly if we end up in hell. Not that he created hell, but His absence is hell. I find this true every Sunday when Christians congregate to worship God, and the presence of God drives out everything negative...sickness, depression, worry, fear,..etc.

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